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The restaurant is divided into a bar with a few tables, two halls, a wine cellar, and three smaller themed rooms. The smaller hall can accommodate a party of up to 40 people, and the large hall up to 100 people. By opening sliding doors, we can host a group of up to 140 people. The large hall also features a dance floor and space for musicians. In the summer months, you can sit out on our garden terrace.

For reservations, menus, and decoration, we suggest you visit the restaurant in person.

Themed Rooms


Naše zasebne tematske jedilnice vam lahko zagotovijo zasebnost in intimnost za profesionalno ali zasebno večerjo, medtem ko uživate v naši kulinariki in izbranih vinih.

Toplo priporočamo predhodno rezervacijo, da zagotovimo, da lahko prispevamo k vašemu dogodku in ga naredimo kar se da prijetnega.


Picnic Place


Next to the restaurant is also a picnic place where you can spend a wonderful day in the heart of nature. The picnic area offers everything a barbecue master needs: a refrigerator to keep drinks cool, a covered area, and a large meadow for outdoor sports activities.


Image by Kateryna Hliznitsova
Catering Service


Enhance your special occasions with Brančurnik’s catering service. We offer a range of adaptable menus and services for your business and personal events.

On your wedding day, we can be by your side from your home with our catering, completely tailored to your wishes.

If you want to impress your clients, colleagues, or business partners with a treat at your company, we will tailor the offer and service to the event.

At Brančurnik, we understand that each event is unique and requires careful planning. Our staff will work closely with you to ensure complete culinary satisfaction.

With a passion for culinary excellence and dedication, your wedding or business party will be a success that leaves a lasting impression on you and your guests.

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